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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Baby Gaga icecream? Would you eat it?

A friend gave me a very strange 'heads-up' this morning on a news item that caught her attention... all the way over in Canada.  A  fancy-pantsy boutique ice cream parlour in London has launched a new 'extreme' ice cream flavour called Baby Gaga... it's organic, it's expensive (£15/scoop), and it's made with human breast milk!.

Here are the bbc news clips:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-12566827 (Feb 24th 2011)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12614673 (1 March 2011)

So it was launched last week, and the council has already stopped its sale and is running lab tests on it.  Personally, I'm not so worried about the health and hygiene issues (if that stressed me out, I'd have to vacuum more), but I cant get the image of the lactating Mum sitting in the storage cupboard in the back of the shop, hooked up to one of those double breast pump, out of my mind.

I'm sure the milk donors are paid for their contribution (which, if like me, your maternity pay packet this month was a bit of a shock, the extra cash would be most welcome), and I guess if you've got it flowing, you might as well use it to fund something great like new shoes or more coffee mornings.  So while us bottle feeding Mums are enjoying wearing our nice little underwire frilly bras and don't give the absorbency value of our t-shirts a second thought, you breastfeeding mums now have something much more profitable  to enjoy.

Will it catch on? I don't know.  Would I eat it? Hmmmmm, not sure.  Would you?


  1. GROSS!!! NO WAY!!!

    I mean, I'm all for the benefits of breast-feeding (although john never ready that manual...) but the thought of consuming someone else's breast milK? EWWEEWWEEWW!!!

  2. Great one, Berta! Love the image of the Mum in the storage cupboard!

  3. I saw this too, definitely doesn't appeal to me but it's got everyone talking! x Thanks for following me

  4. I'd give it a go, I just wonder what the point is when there's so many more worthy causes for breast milk - like neonatal units.

    Found you via BMB - Hope you can pop by my blog too :)

    Hannah x Metal Mummy x