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I am a first-time Mum to daughter, Lily, born December 2010 and am currently home on maternity leave. Also living in the Zoo with Lily and me is my partner Kai, the Jessie-dog and the Tippy-cat

Friday, 4 March 2011

Its A Dog's LIfe. Welcome Barley and Hopps

My house is a zoo!  Between the pets, the hubby and the baby, the house is rarely clean or dog hair free for longer than an hour, there is always laundry drying somewhere, and all the best napping spots are very much occupied on a first-come-first-served basis.  And I love it!!!

I've had my cat (Tippycat) since university.  I went out for groceries and came home with a kitten instead.  My room mate didn't let me go shopping unescorted for the next two years!  Tippy came with me when I moved to England from Canada.  She is an old fart now (I think she is 13 year old) but is still the friendliest cat I know.

My collie, Jessie and I found each other when we both needed it most.  Her owners were retired farmers, and they loved her to bits.  However, after a lifetime of being tied to the farm, in their retirement, they bought a second home abroad, and began spending more and more time away.  Jessie would stay with friends, and I'm sure was spoilt rotten, but Shelagh and David knew she needed a permanent home.  I had recently been through some tough times, and found myself in a new home without a dog.  Our paths crossed, and the rest is history. 

My sister is a special friend to the dogworld.  She and her husband have always opened their homes to the dogs that no one else wanted - the rescue dog.  They have nursed their dogs back to health, taught them then manners that they lacked, and made them a part of a family.  Unfortunately rescue dogs have had a hard life, and both Dozer and Bart, each in their own time, went to doggy-heaven before their time, but not before having lived a very very happy second chapter to their lived.  My sister, brother-in-law, and my little nephew have missed hearing the pitter-patter of little doggy feet since Bart died this autumn, but today that emptiness will be filled.

Barley and Hopps, the James Bay rescue pups arrive today.  Stephie has been religiously reading and watching 'The Dog Whisperer' and is primed and ready for the challenge of raising two very young Lab-x pups.  My 3 year old nephew is also so excited.  He keeps talking about 'my pups',  and has being painting pictures and putting a collar and lead on his stuffed toys and parading them around the house.

I can only imagine how hard it was to lose two very special members of the family, first Dozer, then Bart.  I hope that the arrival of the puppies today is the first step to filing the gap they left behind.

Today begins the nights of broken sleep, the surprise puddles, and the destruction of every stuffed toy they can get their little paws on.  Stephie, I am so happy for you.  You are going to do great with these pups.  John is going to love growing up with 'his' puppies.  And if Courtney is lucky, maybe he'll be able to train them to do something useful... like bring him a beer (who needs slippers. That's what central heating is for) when he gets home from work.  Stephie, welcome to the 'Living in the Zoo' club

So to everyone who reads this blog, I dedicate today to our four-legged family members.  Give them a big cuddle today and remind them just how special they are and how much you love them....

So, my floors might be covered in dog hair.  My couch might have a big dog-shaped imprint right in the middle of two cushions.  There might be tennis balls under every chair and the remains of stuffed toys may be dying a slow death out on our patio... But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Welcome Barley and Hopps to your new home.  I know you will be happy and loved.

Lily and Jessie chillin together xo


  1. Oh berta!! Did you seriously have to make me cry first thing in the morning??!! I can't wait for the zoo... we have missed it greatly. I am anxiously awaiting the sleepless nights and the piles of dog hair that 2 labs will inevitably create. But I am mostly looking forward to the bond that John will have for these 2 dogs and the lifetime of happiness that they will bring to our home.

    A house is not a home without dog hair.

    Can't wait for you to meet the pups in 2 weeks!

  2. Well said, Berta. Certainly my house isn't a home w/out dog hair!!! Miss my boys for sure. Actually miss all our past 4-legged friends who have made our life even more special....
    Abby, Char-Char, Thomas, Lucy, Benny, Angel, Waldo, Shivers - the list goes on to include Murray, Brewstie, and Peanut.

  3. Can relate. I have a jack Russell who has lots of White wiry hair that seems too fall wherever she walks. I am constantly hoovering, but she was my first baby and has had to put up with a lot....four after her. But that's life! and it wouldn't be 'normal' to us!

  4. Your blog is so much more generous than mine! Take a look at http://doctorvodka-dogblog.blogspot.com if you want to see how a cynic and misanthrope takes on family puppy-owning :-)

  5. So glad you are happy right where you are. Perfect!

    Visiting from BMB and have followed. Mich x