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I am a first-time Mum to daughter, Lily, born December 2010 and am currently home on maternity leave. Also living in the Zoo with Lily and me is my partner Kai, the Jessie-dog and the Tippy-cat

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Why do I only read when on holdiay?

So, we're back from our holiday in Canada, visiting my family and showing off our little Lilypops.  With only a few minor incidents (like forgetting to collect Lily's luggage at the airport and having to get sercurity to take me back through to the baggage hall... numpty), we have almost recovered from the ordeal.  The laundry is almost done.  Lily is almost sleeping through the night again. And I can almost get back into my jeans (which did fit before I ate 2 weeks worth of Canada's fines grub - for those of you who don't know what poutine is, your waistline and arteries arent missing anything).

There were many highlights and memorable moments of our two weeks away:
-Lily getting to meet her namesake (Great-Grandma Li (Lillias), age 98) and my family finally gettig to meet both  Kai and Lily
-The view from atop Mount Royal - after carrying Lily in her pram up about 15 flights of stairs)
-My father actually holding Lily - he doesnt 'do' babies
-Tasting Lebonese food for the first time - YUM!
-My wonderfully talented sister taking Lily's baby pictures

But probably the nicest part about the trip was getting to see Kai spent time with Lily.  I am so very lucky to have a job (teacher) that allows me to be home with Lily when she's this young. I see her change and grow each day.  I'm there for her 'first'.  I know her cries. And I usually know how to make it all better. But our partners dont always have that luxury.  There are many days when Kai has gone to work before Lily gets up, and she's in bed before he gets home.  It's just how it has to be.  So this family time together was very special.  There were lots of Daddy snuggles, a few feeds, and even the occasional nappy change.  I realised on the last day of our hols, when I went to put Lily in the sling, that I hadnt carried her for almost 2 weeks.  Kai had been 'Baby Bjorning' her all trip.  It felt so good to get her back close to me, even if she was a little more squished in her sling than last time.

But now we are back from holiday, and life has returned to normal'ish'.  Normal seems to mean having the tele on full time!  It's on in the conservatory all day.  I don't sit in front of it all day, but it just rumbles on.  It's like background noise.  Then when I go up to bed, the tele goes on again!  Why?  When I was on holiday, I read a book!  A great book!  I read it in bed.  I read it in the living room while the kids played, and my sister and I sat with coffee, she reading her book too. Why do I only read on holiday? The tele at my sister's went off after my nephew's morning 'shows' ended and there was no tele in our room. Maybe it has to do with the fact there there were other people in the house so that it wasn't too quiet.  Maybe it was that other people were reading at the same time.  I dont know.  I just know, that I wish I read more.  Last night, Kai was on a late shift and there was no Law & Order on tele at bedtime, so I opened my book.  It felt good.  I only hope I can keep it up. 
PS. Thanks Beth for the bag of books.


  1. Good one, Berta! We didn't have a tv for the first few years of our marriage becuase we loved to read and chat. That's changed now though!

  2. Books are great! Except that then your kid will also learn to love books and next thing you now you are reading the same book 20 times a day! But, I guess there are worse things in life, eh?