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Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Big Pram Debate

So, if you are anything like me, choosing a pram was something you gave a fair bit of thought too.  After all there are a lot of parameters to consider; terrain, weather, carseat compatibility, dog friendly, 3 or 4 wheels, will it fit in my car? etc....  And just when you think you've figured it out, you come across any number of stumbling blocks (price, availability, colour, your partner....)

I have to admit, right up front, I am a pram-aholic (and a bit of an eBay addict too, having bought all my prams second hand).  Considering Lily has just arrived, how can I now be on pram #4 - not counting the fact that Ive had one kind twice now?.... Don't ask!

I promise there is a reason for having been around the block, so to speak, in a variety of models.  My niece!  I blame her!  She is the sweetest little thing, and I have been lucky to have had her come stay with me quite regularly.  She is now 2 1/2 but was still really little when we first started having her to stay.... and so of course, I needed my own STUFF.  She has been a great guinea pig, and has test driven all of the models that have been through my 'pram garage'. 

So which prams have I had:
1.  M&P Pliko pramette
2.  Mountain Buggy
3.  Jane Slalom
4.  Sproggs (Norton) Speedster
5.  M&P Pliko Pramette (again)

For me, each has its good points and its draw backs, but the thing that they all have in common is that they were all SECOND HAND!  Now don't get me wrong, I would love to have had the means to spend £1000 on the 'perfect pram', but for our family, that was just not an option

So what have a learned so far about navigating the mind field that is 'PramWorld'?
  • Men don't get it! They think all prams are the same... until you bring home a crappy one that has nonadjustable handles and such a short wheel-base that they are constantly kicking the back of the chair
  • If you spend more than £100, your significant other (and/or Mum!) will expect to be able to give his/her opinion (which may or may not be an informed opinion and is likely to lead to some degree of row)
  • You may think you know what you want, you may have even started bragging about how great your new pram is, then Baby arrives, your life changes and only then does the huge flaw in you decision making process become apparent
  • If you bought an expensive new pram, sorry but now you're screwed!!!!
  • If you bought a second hand pram, take a picture, write an ad, and sell it on eBay.... quick!!! ...If you're really good, you can get it sold before your partner even realises you've bought it...
  • No matter how hard you try, no pram/pushchair magically folds up small enough to fit in the boot of a Ford Fiesta WITH the dog!
  • Just when you are sure you've got it right, your sister calls, tells you that she will pay for your flight if you come to Canada to visit with the baby..... Now you are totally stuffed because Air Canada will definitely not gate-check your HUGE 3-wheeler, with the rigid carry-cot. WONDERFUL, THANKS SIS! :)
I'm sure us Mummy Bloggers could make a mint publishing a book called 'The Idiot's Guide To Choosing Your First Pram'...  So I'd love to read your comments and words of wisdom regarding shopping for the 'Perfect Pram'. 

Finally, does the 'Perfect Pram' exist?  What do you think?

 Lily asleep in her Jane Slalom 3 wheeler


  1. What can I say, I had two boys 15 month apart and what was right for one wasnt for the other! I went through far too many prams and pushchairs, but my favorites were always the ones where I could look at my children and have them facing me!

  2. Ah prams, my nemesis, how I CAN'T wait to grow out of the need for them, and other such logistical complication devices. Perhaps I'm unusually cranky, but I've never met a pram that I didn't soon grown to totally hate and want to push off a cliff in about a week. Sigh. Lovely post, nice to discover your blog, and a fellow pram-sufferer out there :)