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Friday, 25 February 2011

Motherhood Lessons #1-7

As I mentioned, I am currently home on maternity leave with Lily, and have found myself permanently logged on to my Facebook account.  Ive been (apparently) entertaining my friends these past 10 weeks with my little gems of new-found knowledge of the joys of motherhood posted as status updates.  They have suggested I post them here for your entertainment.

Lessons Backdated since 17 December 2010

Realises that motherhood is a steep learning curve... Today's lessons: #1: poo explodes into every nook and cranny, including armpits and belly buttons. Lesson #2: who ever said that babies cry themselves to sleep LIED; they only cry themselves into a PAUSE... a pause just long enough to trick you into believing they are asleep and long enough to boil the kettle but not actually make the tea!!!! Gotta love them, eh.

has learned motherhood lesson #3... all the poppers and snaps on baby clothes are very hot when you take them out of the dryer. The big dilemma is do yo suffer the pain or drop the clean clothes on the dirty mudroom floor?.

Motherhood lesson #4: Colic sucks! I wish I could magically go from 6pm and skip forward to 10pm without having to do the hours in between!!!!

Motherhood lesson #4 (again... I blame my inability to count on lack of sleep): Perseverance is good word.... when it pays off.

Motherhood lesson #5: First you hear the poo, then you smell the poo, then you should really do something about the poo!! If you wait till baby finishes the bottle, you may find a wet, stinky brown patch on your jeans.... YUCK!

Motherhood lesson #6: There comes a point in the day when I can no longer tell if its me or the baby that smells like puke! I'm glad Kai got me nice perfume for Christmas

Motherhood lesson #7: Eating healthily is more trouble than it's worth.... biscuits, bagels, cheese etc are so much easier to eat than a bowl of Cheerios, having to hold your spoon in the 'wrong' hand and while you fuss a crying baby with your 'good' arm. Not sure why I am bothering?... Yuck and now the Cheerios are soggy!!!!

Did you smile? 
Looking back, I can't believe how far we've already come in these past 10 weeks.  I can only imagine what that next 10 will hold...

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